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Organisational Structure

The Company is managed by the Board of Directors with Mr. Kushal Suri as its Chairman duly assisted by a team of experience professionals.

The Board of Directors of the Company is a blend of Executives, Non-Executives and Independent Directors to have advantage of experience and expertise.

Name of the Director            Designation/ Category

Mr. Kushal Suri                          Whole Time Director

Mrs. Anju Suri                            Non - Executive, Non - Independent Director

Mr. Manujendu Sarker             Non-Executive, Non - Independent Director

Mr. Praveen Kumar Dutt          Independent Non – Executive Director

Dr. Vijay Mohan Kaul                Independent Non – Executive Director

Mr. Vijay Jain                               Independent Non - Executive Director

Audit Committee

Mr. Praveen Kumar Dutt          Chairman

Dr. Vijay Mohan Kaul                 Member

Mr. Vijay Jain                               Member

Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Mr. Praveen Kumar Dutt           Chairman

Mrs. Anju Suri                              Member

Dr. Vijay Mohan Kaul                  Member

Stakeholders Relationship Committee

Mr. Praveen Kumar Dutt           Chairman

Dr. Vijay Mohan Kaul                 Member

Mrs. Anju Suri                             Member

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Mr. Kushal Suri                          Chairman

Mrs. Anju Suri                            Member

Mr. Vijay Jain                              Member

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